Mum ‘n Me Special

Our special Mum’n Me Duo Chefs with their “My Mumma’s Recipe“!

We would have it right up here in our site with you and your Mom’s Favourite Childhood “Tagline” and Duo Photos!

Three’s Company!…but now Two COOKs will not “Spoil the Broth”!!!

***Please do mail us with the Recipe and special cooking procedures and tips and Photographs and your contact details or leave your details in the comments section below.

Try it out

~ Our Chefs with the Mum’s and Their Stories ~

Ranna’r Khatha is overwhelmed to share a story from one of Our Followers!!!

This was recently shared over Facebook by a very dear friend of mine. With the help of our CookBook she treated her Mom with the quick recipe  

Spanish Omelette with a Bong Tinge

~ Prepared and shared by Disha…From Her Kitchen to Ranna’r Khatha’s Stories!!!

~ Message from Disha ~ “Spanish Omelette” with a bong tinge… Prepared by me…Thank you Munmun Di for this wonderful recipe…

~ Shared by Disha & Her Mom!

~ Note From Ranna’s Khatha ~ “Thank You Disha for sharing your story with us…Hope your mom(Aunty) enjoyed having the omlette!”



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