Alu Posto…

Whenever we think of Bengali Food, the very first thing which comes in our mind is AluPosto!

“What is this POSTO?”

Not the Bengali Movie “POSTO”. This one is edible! Posto…the name sounds simple and cute, more specifically known as “Khus-Khus” and the English Term is “Poppy Seeds“.


  •  Posto (Khus-Khus or Poppy Seeds) – 25gm
  •  Potato (Alu) – 2 (large) or 4 (baby potatoes)
  • Green Chillies (Sobuj Lonka) – 3 (small)
  • Refined Oil – 4 tbsp
  • Salt (noon) – taste wise
  • Turmeric (optional) – a pinch
  • Cumin seeds (optional) – 1 tsp

*** To convert the cooking measurements of the ingredients, click here.

Pre Cooking Preparation

  • Soak the Posto (Khus-Khus or Poppy Seeds) in a bowl of water for almost 15 – 20 mins

Oooops!!! You forgot to soak! No worries… you can use the dry one as well

  • For the potatoes we use two pre-preparation methods
    • Either we can boil the potatoes and then cut them into 4 pieces (which my mum and me generally do)
    • Or else, you can chop the potatoes into medium pieces so that it cooks off easily. Avoid this, as this sometimes leaves the potatoes a little raw!
  •  To make the paste of the Posto (Khus-Khus or Poppy Seeds), we have to first strain off the water in which we had soaked it earlier then paste it

To paste you need the Sil-Noda :-/ (The flat Mortar and Pestle found in almost all bengali mum’s kitchen)

Actually, NO! the mixer grinder can help us in a much easier way to get the paste done.**

Remember, I had initially mentioned that in case you forget to soak the Posto (Khus-Khus or Poppy Seeds), you can grind it dry! Lets know how we can paste it or grind it dry.

**Grinding methods:

  • Wet Grinding:
    • Take the small jar of the mixer/grinder and add the soaked posto/poppy seeds
    • Add  3 -4 tbsp/ half a teacup of water and a single green chilly (for spicy lovers)
    • Grind for 5 mins at the highest point of your mixer until it turns into a fine paste
    • Keep aside in a bowl
  • Dry Grinding:
    • Take the small jar, add the dry posto/poppy seeds
    • Grind it for 5 -7 mins at the highest point of your till it turns into a fine powder
    • Take it in a bowl and add one small tea cup of water

Chef’s Tip is to have a paste made out of the soaked posto/poppy seeds!!! We want to feed our taste buds the delicious taste indeed.

Let’s Cook…

  1. Take a kadai, pour the oil and heat it for a minute. You may add cumin seeds if you want
  2. Add the potatoes and fry in a low flame until a mix match of fries and boiled shows up
  3. Add the salt as per taste ( few Bengalis prefer adding slight Turmeric for a yellow colour)
  4. Now add the paste of the posto/poppy seeds to the potatoes
  5. Stir and cook for a single minute or maybe upto 3 mins
  6. Option- If you want a little gravy then you can add a teacup of water and just boil once and remove immediately from the flame. Do not forget to add salt again as we added water to it!
  7. Also, add the green chilly slices at the same time
  8. Remove from flame and serve

RememberKeep the flame low!

Mum’s Tip:

“Cook in a low flame”, because the moisture in the posto paste tends to dry off once added to the fried potatoes and that can make the preparation taste really awful! :/

You can serve this in a whole meal plate at lunch time, with hot steamed rice and yellow moong daal (garnished with garlic**)


**Moong Daal preparation soon to be in the Menu Book! 🙂

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