The Traditional CookBook from our Bengali Mothers’

The ones Who prepare awesome yummy food even without the new generation trend-ing cooking appliances. No food processors, no griller, no microwave ovens, yet the healthiest food we would love to indulge into, Everyday.

For our new starters, “our new chefs“, either you are newly married or maybe you have just stepped out of your Mums nest and thriving to survive (CooK) or maybe you are one of your Mumma’s Boy and have never even served the food in the table for yourself, but now you have to cook, then this is your one stop!

You can find a wide variety of the recipes which we have taken from our Mother’s. Their secret spices and sugar which they add in our daily food that we crave each day to have.

Lets make Cooking easy! Lets Learn her about her secret recipes directly from Her kitchen to ours!

~ Happy Cooking

Ranna’r Khatha

What’s New in the Kitchen

Our MenuBook

Select your Today’s Menu … for your Kitchen … from Our Kitchen MenuBook …

[ ~ Appetizers ~ ]

… to break the small hunger strike!

~ The Spanish Omelette with a Bong tinge ~

~ Tandoori Chicken – The Royal Dish ~

~ Gobi Roast ~`The Veg Starter` with Peppery tip! ~

[ ~ The Sides to Main ~ ]

… for Wholemeal Diet!

~ Palak Saag’er Torkaari (Spinach Curry) ~

~ Shukto ~

~ Alu Postu ~ 

[ ~ Snacking ~ ]

… in a Healthy way!

~ Trending Pasta – chio Love ~

~ The Authentic Bong B’fast ~ Luchi Aloo Dom ~

[ ~ Drink Responsibly ~ ]

… says Aunty!

~ Shandy – A mix ‘n match of Beer & Lemonade ~

~ A Cup of Chocolicious Indulgence ~ Hot Chocolate!!! ~

[ ~ Sweets ‘n Desserts~ ]

… For the Sweet Tooth ones!

~ Gajar Halwa ~ Sweet Connection ~

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About Ranna’r Khatha

Ranna’r Khatha” is derived from Bengali in which

Ranna” means Cooking  &  “Khatha” means Notebook.

Cooking has been giving nightmares to a few of us. Many of us hate it as well. Few of us are short of time and we become dependent on our maids and cooks. Some of us crave for home food but due to our current lifestyle we are not able to make it up.

“Whereas we have some people amongst us who await for a holiday or a day off to simply have a reason to cook!”

Our purpose through this website is to help the artists to experiment their talents with the sugar and spice and everything that’s nice.

With Love…All the Best!

 Your chef of site 

Munmun K. Daripa


Mum ‘n Me Special

Our special Mum’n Me Duo Chefs with their “My Mumma’s Recipe“!

We would have it right up here in our site with you and your Mom’s Favourite Childhood “Tagline” and Duo Photos!

Three’s Company!…but now Two COOKs will not “Spoil the Broth”!!!

***Please do mail us with the Recipe and special cooking procedures and tips and Photographs and your contact details or leave your details in the comments section below.

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~ Our Chefs with the Mum’s and Their Stories ~

Ranna’r Khatha is overwhelmed to share a story from one of Our Followers!!!

This was recently shared over Facebook by a very dear friend of mine. With the help of our CookBook she treated her Mom with the quick recipe  

Spanish Omelette with a Bong Tinge

~ Prepared and shared by Disha…From Her Kitchen to Ranna’r Khatha’s Stories!!!

~ Message from Disha ~ “Spanish Omelette” with a bong tinge… Prepared by me…Thank you Munmun Di for this wonderful recipe…

~ Shared by Disha & Her Mom!

~ Note From Ranna’s Khatha ~ “Thank You Disha for sharing your story with us…Hope your mom(Aunty) enjoyed having the omlette!”